Geek Fuel March 2016 Review

GEEK FUEL is a monthly comic con in a box subscription service that will run you $23.90 a month with shipping included.  If you order multiple boxes at once though you will be hooked up with various discounts and bonuses. Is March’s worth your cash?  The answer to more complicated than usual.


First up we have the best item of the box, Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir.  This is a hard cover edition of Stan Lee‘s comic autobiography.  It has a retail price of $30.00 and is simply awesome.  This is the perfect medium for the life of Stan Lee.  Next up we have Geek Fuel’s magazine and Dinocide download code from Steam, as well as a world map. GEEK FUEL always has a Steam game, and if you dig indie retro games this is the mystery box for you.  Period.


Next a Batman v Superman Dawn of Letdowns mystery vinyl figure from Funko.  I got Wonder Woman, and she is ready to throw down.


The Legend” an exclusive art print by Juan Muniz with a certificate of authenticity.  It’s cool but not amazing to me, though I was never that into Link.



Last up we have a very cool exclusive t shirt print, ‘Vision of Justice.’  And here is why this month’s crate is harder to review than others.  This shirt is awesome and Funko products are a blast.  Batman v Superman is underwhelming at best.  So we have here very cool products from a weaker than average property.  Maybe Zack Snyder’s extended cut will go a long way to redeeming the flick.  I stand by my affection for the Watchmen director’s cut.   While I definitely don’t feel ripped off, the book is awesome, this month suffers unfairly from being tied to Batman v Superman.