Geek Fuel April 2016 Review

GEEK FUEL is a monthly comic con in a box subscription service that will run you $23.90 a month with shipping included.  If you order multiple boxes at once though you will be hooked up with various discounts and bonuses. Is April’s box worth your cash? We’ll be taking a look at what’s included this month for you to decide.


First up we have an Avengers sticker.  That should speak for itself.  Next we have a Steam download code for Fallen A2P.  This is a turn based strategy game set in a post apocalypse with a $20 price tag.  Up next we have Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor Year Two #1 with a variant cover.  If you dig Doctor Who Loot Crate really delivers on a regular basis.


Speaking of the Doctor, here is a coaster set.  The Doctor Travels Through Art History is the theme and the images are awesome.  Not only that but but these are incredibly high quality cork and should last you for quite awhile.


I collect Star Wars Bobble Heads so this was a great item to me.  Subscribers either got the Flamer Trooper or the Basic First Order Trooper.  Guess which one I got?

T Shirt

Finally we have a Civil War themed shirt.  Aside from the awesome design this shirt will remain cool even if the upcoming flick is a let down. (Looking at you Dawn of Justice)  If you want this shirt and aren’t a subscriber head to eBay and hope there is one in your size and plan to pay around $15 dollars.  This month there is also a cool Civil War raffle subscribers can enter with top prizes being an XBOX One or PS4.


So was this month’s GEEK FUEL worth your money? Depends on what you think of the franchises represented here.  If you dig Doctor Who though I would imagine you’d be pretty happy.  From a dollar value perspective you could re-sell these items for over $23.90 pretty easily.