Gandalf is Still Nagging About Sauron in THE HOBBIT AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY

Gandalf’s been toking on his pipe a little to furiously in this latest clip from THE HOBBIT : AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. ¬†The old wizard is trying his hardest to persuade Saruman, Elrond, and Galadriel that there’s a greater threat than Smaug (the fire-breathing dragon, ya’ll!) lurking in Middle-Earth, but they chose not to believe him. Kinda dumb on their part, considering the whole “War of the Ring” and everything, but then again, Gandalf could be really, REALLY high. ¬†According to Hobbiton herbalist, Longbottom leaf is a bit stronger than your average tobacco plant, and we all know how the grey-haired bastard loves that particular blend of pipe weed.

Check out the awesome clip below for yourselves.


What do you guys think? This movie’s really winning me over. It seems to be a bit less melodramatic than Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings, and a bit more genuine.

SOURCE: youtube

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  • Dave

    lol. Love the tone of the article