First Wonder Woman Pic! Gal Gadot Is Fierce

While the more optimistic members of fandom expected Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman to appear in some form at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, I typically dismissed most of these high hopes. Not because I’m a particularly scroogey person, although I am, but because director Zack Snyder is only a few months into production on his Man of Steel sequel Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Well, looks like I’m the fool! Earlier today, Warner Bros. released an official picture of Gadot’s Wonder Woman and it’s badass. Quite badass. Like, remember what I said yesterday about Young Yoda? Yeah… she’s more badass than our favorite green munchkin.


What do you think? While my more beardier peers at Unleash The Fanboy’s Calabasas offices still complain about Gal Gadot’s skinny figure (and really, they’re not wrong in their criticisms) I’m more than happy to see someone, ANYONE, dressed in Wonder Woman’s garb. We’ve never witnessed the Amazonian in a proper silver screen flick. Regardless of actress, this needed to happen.

WB also revealed a bit of footage from the upcoming Bats v Supes movie. I’m sure we’ll cover it in depth in a different article, but from the sounds of it, Snyder’s achieved success! Batman’s garbed in Frank Miller-esque armor and Superman’s eyes burn with literal rage (his heat vision). Those two are gonna f*ck some shit up. I wonder how much destruction Superman will cause this time? I’d really love Zack Snyder to blast a hole into the side of the planet in this flick and really ‘stick it’ to all of the first film’s deriders.

Seriously… collateral damage is just a fact of life when your hero is incredibly strong, impossibly fast, and invincibly invincible. Dammit. I ran out of adjectives again.