Very First Picture of STAR WARS EPISODE 7 Set, Moisture Farm!

Could it be?  Is it really? Are we looking at the very first picture of Star Wars Episode 7? Well, according to our geeky internet sleuths, we are! These detectives claim that this desert themed photo is from the Tatooine set, which is reasonable enough. Although, considering the vast array and diversity of planets in the Galactic Republic, Tatooine should hardly be the only sandy one among them. What about Korriban? Or, Moriban, as I think it’s termed now? Tatooine’s a safe bet, nonetheless.

As well, the strange circular constructs that the set staff are wheeling around are purported to be the feet of AT-ATs. Again, this make perfect sense, and would be a welcome contrast to the traditional “AT-ATs on the snowy planet of Hoth” image we’ve all stored at the forefront of our Star Wars collective unconscious, but we shouldn’t be so certain. I’d wager that they’re moisture farming equipment, if anything.

Again, assuming this is the Tatooine set, we might be spying on Luke Skywalker’s family abode. I’ve always fan scripted that Mark Hamil’s Jedi would’ve been a mighty grand master or a renegade freedom fighter in the New Trilogy, but perhaps he’s a simple agrarian instead? Mirroring the very first scenes in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Skywalker might be unwillingly dragged from his boring farming life, into a new age of conflict. Where that first flick created the Empire as the aggressors, who are the villains in this next tale?

Hmm, mysteries, mysteries…

In any case, check out the picture below and let me know what you think?

star wars episode 7 set photo