FIRST LOOK! The ZooHunters #1

Man oh man I’ve been looking forward to the launch of this comic book!

Another original epic from the wonderful folks over at Aspen Comics should be more than enough to garner attention, but if you need more info then we have an excellent preview below!


The Zoohunters 1_CA The Zoohunters 1_CB The Zoohunters 1_CC The Zoohunters 1_CD

The Zoohunters 1_CE The Zoohunters 1_Preview Page 1 to 2 The Zoohunters 1_Preview Page 3

Description: There IS life on other planets-THEY find it.

Abros Kel is a ZooHunter-a man who is hired to capture animals for zoos on alien worlds. He and his young son Ty have lost everything due to a tragedy, and together this uncomfortable pair set out into the stars to train Ty as a ZooHunter. Along the way they encounter scores of alien life-forms on far away worlds including Qaurec-an unscrupulous rival ZooHunter who is hunting Abros down. Can Abros and Ty stay one step ahead of his villainy and prove successful in their quest?

Creator and artist Peter Steigerwald presents to you the newest Aspen hit series – THE ZOOHUNTERS!

Written by: Peter Steigerwald

Art by: Peter Steigerwald

Release Date: 11/05/14

Cover Price: $3.99

You have to admit that taste intrigued you! If there’s anything I can guarante, there’s nothing more exciting then something new with a creator owned property that benefits from a dedicated professional and that’s exactly what we have here.

What say you my fellow fanboys and fangirls? Are you ready to go on this intergalactic adventure? Or are you board with Sci-Fi?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!