FIRST LOOK! Vampirella #1

Once again she emerges and despite what you think this is one iconic heroine that deserves your attention. Just checkout the preview below and tell me I’m wrong!


 Vampirella V2 1_CA Vampirella V2 1_CB Vampirella V2 1_CC Vampirella V2 1_CD Vampirella V2 1_CE

Vampirella V2 1_CF Vampirella V2 1_CG Vampirella V2 1_CH Vampirella V2 1_CI Vampirella V2 1_CJ

Vampirella V2 1_CK Vampirella V2 1_CL Vampirella V2 1_CM Vampirella V2 1_CN Layout 1

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Description: Celebrating Vampirella’s 45th anniversary! In FEAST OF SHADOWS, the first in the six-part OUR LADY OF SHADOWS story arc. Vampirella is sent by the Vatican to investigate the kidnapping of a little girl by Ethan Shroud and the Chaos cultists, only to become the centerpiece of a ritual invoking Lady Umbra, the sister-bride of Chaos, that leaves her marked as a living sacrifice to the dark goddess who rules the shadows. VAMPIRELLA is back and returns to her horror roots with Bram Stoker Award-winning author Nancy A. Collins (Swamp Thing, Sunglasses After Dark, Jason vs. Leatherface) and Patrick Berkenkotter (Red Sonja, Avengers/Invaders).

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Written by: Nancy A. Collins

Art by: Patrick Berkenkotter

Covers by: Terry Dodson, Jenny Frison, Arthur Adams, Jay Anacleto and Joe Jusko

Release Date: 06/04/14

Retail Price: $3.99

I’m already invested and I can’t wait to see what this creative team does with their run. But what do my fellow fanboys and fangirls think?

Is this something you desire? Or should this property just end?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!

SOURCE: Dynamite Entertainment