FIRST LOOK! Monomyth #3

OSSM Comics‘s latest mini-series Monomyth comes to an end this Wednesday. But is the issue worth picking up? Checkout the preview below to find out!

Monomyth #3

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Description: Tragically, the loss Eden has suffered thus far was only the beginning. Michael has gathered his army, leading a full-scale invasion into Paradise. The war has begun, and only one side will be victorious. Will Enoch & Lucifer save humanity, or lead the people of Eden to their demise? Who is the Metatron, and what is his connection to God? What other evils exist in the universe besides Michael? Find out in the final issue Monomyth by Siike Donnelly (Solestar, Elan Vital) and rising-star artist Eric Ninaltowski, only from OSSM Comics.

Written by: Siike Donnelly

Art by: Eric Ninaltowski

Release Date: 10/22/14

Retail Price: $3.99

OSSM Comics may be a relatively young company, but so far they have been producing brilliant material, with both Thaniel and Monomyth impressing. This latest preview has only went to make us here at UTF all the more excited for this final chapter, wondering what will happen to Enoch and Eden.

But what do you my fellow fanboys think of this series? Have you been enjoying the trek through Eden? And for new readers does this preview do enough to persuade you to pick up the series?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!