FIRST LOOK! Monomyth #2

OSSM Comic‘s latest series Monomyth launches this Wednesday. They have however shared with us a gimps at Monomyth #2 and having read #1 (ADVANCE REVIEW! here) I know I for one am eager to take a look.


Monomyth2_page_01_Inks2_6001 Monomyth2_page_02_Inks_600 Monomyth2_page_03_Inks_600 Monomyth2_page_04_Inks_600

Description: After the first murder in Eden history occurs, Enoch heads into the darkness for revenge, with Lucifer and others in pursuit. Not wanting his plans derailed, Michael sends his army to Eden as he attacks the boy. Will Lucifer arrive in time to save Enoch? Michael vs. Lucifer, Round 2!

Written by: Siike Donnelly

Art by: Eric Ninaltowski

Release Date: 08/27/14

Retail Price: $3.99

Well this has me excited. But more to the point what do you my fellow fanboys think? Does it appeal to you’s as much as it does me or does it fail to satisfy?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!