FIRST LOOK! Jirni (vol.2) #1

I’m not going to lie my fellow fanboys and fangirls, I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile. To call this comic fun and engaging is an understatement, and if you don’t believe just checkout the excellent preview below!

JIRNI (VOL.2) #1

Jirni v2 1_CA Jirni v2 1_CB Jirni v2 1_CD Jirni v2 1_CE Jirni v2 1_CC Jirni v2 1_CF

Jirni v2 1_CG Jirni v2 1_CH Jirni v2 1_01 Jirni v2 1_06 to 07 Jirni v2 1_08

Description: Return to a fantastical world of high-adventure!

Ara is a warrior-princess with the blood of the mystical D’jinn flowing through her. Powerful, brave, and capable, she is determined to finish her quest to find her kidnapped mother, no matter what obstacles may fall in her path. But, the desert she wanders through seems endless, and something is hunting her. Or is it the other way around?

Creator J.T. Krul, artist Paolo Pantalena, and colorist Brett Smith are proud to present the follow-up volume to Aspen’s smash hit series – JIRNI!

Written by: JT Krul

Art by: Paolo Pantalena

Colors by: Ross Campbell

Release Date: 06/04/14

Cover Price: $3.99

Absolutely sold. As I pick up my usual comic pile I’m excited to continue this journey. But what did you think?

Are you ready to pick this one up? Or do you need something more to garner your attention?

Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!