First Look at THE HOBBIT Villain Bolg

Now that THE HOBBIT has been split into three separate films, I’m sure Peter Jackson has supplied each one with their own special villain for the necessary climatic battle scenes, as he did with THE LORD OF THE RINGS. In this first Bilbo centric outing, sub-titled AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY, the Misty Mountain orc chieftain Bolg will probably have the honors.

We’ve managed to get our hands on some pics of the goblin liege…  or an extra from the Broadway musical production of Cats.  I think we’ll have to go to the judges for this one.

You probably remember this baddie from the books, where he led his goblin horde against the dwarves, elves, and eagles in the Battle of the Five Armies. I don’t want to delve into SPOILER territory, so please look away if you haven’t read the book, but Bolg’s death is one of my favorite scenes:

Swiftly [Beorn] returned, and his wrath was redoubled, so that nothing could withstand him, and no weapon seemed to bite upon him. He scattered the bodyguard, and pulled down Bolg himself and crushed him.

Bolg was Bear crushed. Bear crushed.

If Peter Jackson would only hire Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) as the mighty, fuzzy Bear-man, then all of my wildest dreams will have come true.


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