Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #8 Review

Can the Doctor come any closer to riding this WWI battlefield of the Weeping Angels? Read on to find out.

The official description from Titan:


Trapped in a tunnel beneath No Man’s Land, the Doctor and the surviving soldiers under his protection fight for their lives – with open eyes!

With the TARDIS lost, the Weeping Angels on one side and the might of the German front lines on the other, how much will the Doctor sacrifice to keep Gabby safe?

And in the endless dark, struggling not to blink, sparks are fanned between Gabby and Jamie Colquhoun…

Is he just one more doomed soldier?

10D_08_PREVIEW2The battlefields of the First World War have been the setting of numerous fictitious tales, and due to this vast quantity there has been many that have disappointed. This all proves worth it though, as despite all the disheartenment, when the setting is handled right, it brings wondrous joy. The latter has proven to be the case for this Doctor Who tale, as though the villainous Weeping Angels have been the main draw for this Whovian, the setting has given them an alluring playground to feed in.

Robbie Morrison has however outdone himself this time, as though The Weeping Angels of Mons has thrilled since the start, it has went above and beyond in this issue. Having a touching opening sequence, as well as the re-emergence of a time displaced soldier, Morrison’s script shows that the Weeping Angels handy work isn’t always fatal, and that though most can’t handle the time shift, some can still find happiness. The exciting development within the main story also continues to excite, and along with the fluctuating tone in the Doctor’s dialogue it adds great drama.

The artwork from Daniel Indro also continues to impress, with the detailed pencils and overall gritty look working wonders next to this World War I setting. The way that the artist captures David Tennant‘s energetic tone also continues to appeal, with the emotional shift between joy and distress adding a dramatic twist. Despite this, it is the scenery that truly captivates, as whether it’s the battle torn fields of the Somme, or the locations that the Weeping Angels send our soldiers, they always resonate the tone of this tale. The colours also prove as alluring as ever, with the mixture of vibrant and dark tones that Slamet Mujiono produces making Indro’s art stand out even more than it already does.

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor has certainly upped it’s game over the last few issues, as though the previous tales all had something intriguing, they failed to deliver the dramatic depth that this one has. The expansion of this in this issue only takes these feeling further, with the emotional insights being fascinating to say the least.

  • + Best Doctor Who comic that Titan's produced yet!
  • + Emotional look into the Weeping Angels handy work.
  • + Gritty artwork from Daniel Indro.
  • + Gabby is becoming more likeable by the second.

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