Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #8 Review

Will the Doctor be able to stop this war? Or is the fate of these two races already sealed? Read on to find out.

The official description from Titan:


Interstellar dogfights still rage in the skies over London!

When Alice is forced into a high-stakes solo challenge that could end the conflict, she’ll need to muster everything she’s learned on her travels with the Doctor in order to succeed – and even that might not be enough!

Has the Doctor made a grave mistake – or is it all part of a larger plan?

Plus! We’ve heard of the fearsome Amstrons of the Great Wheel throughout the series… But what is their shocking secret, revealed this issue?!

11D_09_Cover_B.jpg.size-600The Doctor and Alice have been travelling together for some time now, as though storywise, their time together is still in the early stages, series wise, they are already starting to feel like old friends. This itself gives a great depth to the interaction between the two characters, as though the lack of familiarity is still present, the chemistry allows for some fluid, and dramatic exchanges.

The creative team behind Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor have been doing a tremendous job, as though there has been the odd issue that has underwhelmed, the building overarch involving SERVEYOUinc has been extremely gripping. Writer Al Ewing continues this into the series eighth issue, as though the main plot itself is a little dull at times, the drama and atmosphere throughout certainly impresses. The side characters also continue to shine, as though Jones and Arc are indisposed, their feeble state allows for a sense of dread.

Over the course of the series, we’ve seen several artists work on the Eleventh Doctor, and though each one has done a decent job, I have yet to see one capture the true essence of this eccentric character. The main problem that seems to be consistent with each artist is the facial expressions, with the jarring line work making the Doctor look a little depressed. Despite this, Warren Pleece does manage to generate some energy, with the layout of his work, and body language of the Doctor making up for the dull facial expressions. In addition to this, colourist Hi-Fi continues to give a fabulous finish to this series, with his vivid palette being extremely eye catching.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #8 is a great continuation of a fabulous series, as though the main plot is a little dull at times, the character depth, dramatic overarching, and suspenseful flow makes it a gripping read. It’s this that makes it once again easy to recommend this series, with SERVEYOUinc remaining an intriguing entity.

  • + SERVEYOUinc remain a formidable foe.
  • + Great character depth.
  • - The plot is a little dull at times.
  • - Jarring facial expressions remain unsettling.

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