Discotek to release Blue Submarine No. 6 on Blu-Ray

Discotek Media has announced that they have licensed the Blue Submarine No. 6 anime OVA, and will be re-releasing it on DVD after over 5 years. More notable, the Discotek will also be giving the OVA the Blu-Ray treatment for the first time in North America. Bandai Entertainment previously licensed the OVA before stopping their anime releases.  The DVD and Blu-Ray will bring the Bandai dub and subs.

Blue Submarine No 6, which was released in Japan from 1998 to 2000, is four episodes. The OVA is animated by Gonzo. Mahiro Maeda (Final Fantasy: Unlimited) is the director, and Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Gurren Lagann) is the script-writer. The music was composed by THE THRILL. The OVA aired on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block back in 2000 twice, once as a movie, and once as four seperate episodes. The OVA is based off a manga.

Wizard’s Anime Invasion ranked Blue Submarine No 6 in the top 25 best anime of all time, and The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation awarded it “Best OVA U.S. Release” in 2000.

The plot is as follows:

It is the future, and the world is getting smaller by the second. As a result of the machinations of the rogue scientist Zorndyke, all land at sea level has begun to succumb to the expanding ocean tides. Billions have died, and mankind is now at war with Zorndyke’s army of water dwelling hybrids. Mankind’s last hope lies within an international fleet of submarines and the vessel, Blue Submarine No. 6, and the pilots: Kino and Hayami. Together, they and the rest of blue fleet must launch an attack on Zorndyke’s base of operations in Antartica before he floods the rest of the world’s remaining landmass.

I’ve never seen this OVA before, but I’ve heard plenty good things about it, and I’m sure it’ll look wonderful on Blu-Ray, so fans should snap this up. And even non-fans should check this out, as an important piece of anime history.

Source: ANN

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    Hopefully it is a good release! I been waiting for a realistically priced stateside release of this. I am not a crazy anime guy but I love my Gundam my Bebop and yeah Blue Sub No.5 is definitely my fave. Funny news of this, popped up when I am seriously on edge for importing the jap blu boxset for 150 on amazon.