Death Vigil #6 Review

Is Sam’s time really up? Or is this symbolic of his original death? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Rest in peace Samuel Lewis.

DeathVigil06_Page2What a wonderful time it is to be a comic fan, as between the tantalising events that the big two are bringing out, and the continued dominance between the independent world, there’s plenty keep readers occupied. As for this fanboy, the series that keeps me captivated the most has to be Death Vigil, as having deemed it the Best Comic 2014 Had to Offer, I simply can’t get enough of this series. There is however one issue in this awesome series that I’ve looked forward to more than the rest, and that’s of course this one. Having a curiously symbolic cover, and an even more ambiguous solicit, there are many assumptions that can be made about how this issue will pan out, with one in particular being very worrying.

Producing yet another oversized issue, for the regular cover price of $3.50, Sejic Šejić is certainly giving readers value for money. Moving on from the mesmerizing climax of last issue, Šejić delivers a script that is intensely gripping. The way that he manages to slowly eke out major developments, whilst also keeping a suspenseful atmosphere just goes to prove how great a storyteller he is, with the end result being a real game changer. Additionally, Šejić also manages to incorporate sly use of humour, as though it’s heavily diluted compared to prior issues, it still manages to lighten the tone of proceedings.

Šejić has proven time and time again that he’s a great artist, with his work on Witchblade, Artifacts and Aphrodite IX making him one of the best in the business today. Despite this, I can’t help but feel that he raises this already high bar, as when it comes to his creator owned material, he seems to put even more of his heart and soul into his work, with the end result reflecting this. Delivering dynamic layouts, and energetic action, Šejić truly gives an exciting set of visuals, only enhancing the quality of the plot. Additionally, the colours that he create continues to amaze, with the digitally painted finish giving a fabulous overtone, that matches the atmosphere perfectly.

The drastic developments, and energetic tones of this issue once again prove why this is a must have series, with the game changing events blowing this fanboy away. Highly recommended.

  • + A real game changer.
  • + Awesomeness personified.
  • + Stjepan Šejić's storytelling skills are mindblowingly brilliant.
  • + Will have you hooked for the next issue.

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