Darth Vader #4 Review

What will happen next, as the Dark Lord comes closer to achieving his ultimate goal? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

Revenge of the Battle Droids??? Vader returns to Geonosis to build his army! The Dark Lord’s ascension continues!

Darth Vader #4 variantDarth Vader’s quest to find the pilot who destroyed the Death Star (Luke Skywalker), and uncover the Emperor’s plans takes him to Geonosis, where if you remember he (as Anakin) fought alongside Padme and Obi-Wan to defeat Count Dooku’s forces (assuming you haven’t purged the prequel trilogy from your brain). This time around, he’s looking for an army and resources, getting Triple Zero and BT to do the heavy lifting.

Having found this series enjoyable, all be it on various levels, I can firmly say that Kieron Gillen has done this villain justice, showing the subtle signs of humanity that we all know is there (and finally revealed on film in Return of the Jedi). This however is easily his best script to date, as though the plot development is rather sparse, the quick witted lines that he gives Triple Zero, and the mixture of Vader’s resolve and Aphra’s cynicism creates great balance. Despite this, it is Triple Zero that once again stands out, with his hilarious look at the misfortune, and pain of others being worryingly funny.

Salvador Larroca has been killing it on the art for this series, as though I’ve been a fan of his work since Invincible Iron Man, he’s easily creating some of his best work here. Delivering a level of detail that is simply phenomenal, as well as capturing both the atmosphere of Star Wars and the presence of Vader, the artist more than captures the eye. It is however his rustic landscapes, and fluid layouts that impress most, giving great depth, and fabulous tempo to this tale. Additionally, the colours of Edgar Delgado continues to add a rich overtone, with the dark, yet vivid palette fitting Vader like a glove.

Darth Vader #4 is easily the best the series has produced so far. Despite the overall plot development being rather short, the character insight, and fun dialogue more than excites. The artwork also allows for a smooth, palatable insight into the Dark Lord’s world. So if you’re a Star Wars fan and not getting this, all I can ask is: why?

  • + Triple Zero is hilarious.
  • + Great depth to Vader.
  • + Magnificent art.
  • - Plot development is rather sparse.

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