DAREDEVIL Finds Its Karen Page, GODZILLA Actor Nabs Mysterious Role

Scratch one role that Rosario Dawson won’t be playing. Entertainment Weekly has announced that True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll has joined Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series Daredevil as Karen Page, the main female lead. Depending on your view, Page is either the most important or trails Elektra as the second most important female in Daredevil’s life. She was a secretary at Nelson & Murdock for years, and she was Matt Murdock’s first love interest. Woll joins Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio and Elden Henson as part of the main cast.


Aside from what can only be described as a cameo in the 2003 Daredevil film, Page has never been seen in media outside comic books. I was desperately hoping that show runner Steven DeKnight would add her as a main character. Elektra is a fine character, but if this show was going to distinguish itself from the film, they needed to pick a love interest for Matt who wasn’t throwing said everywhere. Granted, Elektra will still probably appear somehow, but Page is clearly the superior (Marvel uses the term, why can’t I?) choice as a female lead. Of course, if the comics are any indication, this also means that Page has a terrible fate in store…which is death. It’s not a spoiler if it happened over 10 years ago, right?


Woll isn’t the only actor being added to Daredevil. Peter Shinkoda, best known from Godzilla and Falling Skies, has been cast in a recurring role as Hachrio, though no other details have been provided.


Before start typing “Daredevil Hachiro” on your search engine, let me stop you: Hachiro is an original character, so there’s no information about him out there. He could be anyone from a client at Nelson and Murdock to a mentor of young Matt Murdock (that isn’t Stick) to an agent of The Hand, a mystical order of evil ninjas. Please let him be a mystical ninja! It works perfectly since Kingpin currently controls The Hand in the comics. Vincent D’Onofrio leading a hoard of criminal ninjas across new York City. This is the kind of stuff comic book TV shows should be showing!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly and Deadline