Cyber Force #11 Review

Top Cow‘s flagship series once again comes to an end! But is it one that fans deserve? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

The third arc kicks off with the team’s realization that CDI is a necessary evil to keep even worse things at bay.

CF011_covBsocialHaving suffered from constant scheduling problems since it launched back in 2012, Cyber Force hasn’t been without it’s problems. Nevertheless, the series still manages to garner attention, keeping fans returning for more. Time has however caught up with the series, as it decides to finally draw the curtain, entertaining it’s final issue. Thus we are delivered a somewhat one-shot story, that knits together the remaining elements of this expansive plot, whilst also dropping some teasers that lead into sister series, Aphrodite IX.

The creative genius that is Marc Silvestri rarely fails to impress, as whether it’s his stunning art, or majestic script writing, he always seems to amaze. This continues into this series’ finale, as though the narration being from Killjoy’s point of view was at times a little too wacky, it showed a creative flair that’s got to be commended. The way that he ties off loose ends also proved intriguing, as though the aforementioned narration took away from the intense action, the temp remained exciting nonetheless. Despite all this, I was left with a yearning to read more, and though that’s usually a good sign, a part of me felt let down this time.

The artwork over the course of Cyber Force has always astounded, as whether it’s Khoi Pham, Heubert Michael or even Silvestri himself, it’s always excelled. That remains true in this finale chapter, as though the rough style of Michael can be a little jarring at times, the tempo remains strong. The colours of Chris Northrop also proves as punchy as ever, giving wonderful vibrancy to Michael’s action sequences. Michael also conveys the emotion within Silvestri’s script brilliantly, with Killjoy’s menacing grin, and Stryker’s scowling disapproval of Francesca adding great depth.

Cyber Force has come to an end (at least for the moment), and though a huge part of me is relieved to finally get this lingering series off my pull, I can’t help but feel the urge to want more. That being said, this concluding chapter is one that readers need to buy, as though it’s far from being amongst the best this series has to offer, it certainly has some fascinating moments.

  • + Teases other Top Cow series'.
  • + Strangely psychedelic.
  • + Exciting action.
  • - Narration drains some of this excitement.

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