CUT TO: Close Up – On Spoilers

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You’re (hopefully) familiar with CUT TO: Podcast by now, but every now and then we do what’s called a CUT TO: Close Up.

Close Ups are condensed episodes that focus on a specific topic which we talk intimately about and that wouldn’t carry an entire episode. This week focuses on spoilers. Don’t worry, we don’t actually spoil anything, but this week I came across some Star Wars: The Force Awakens spoiler discussion on my Twitter timeline, which REALLY pissed me off. Connor and I were prompted to sit down and tackle this new spoiler culture in the fanboy community. We cover everything from people willingly spoiling themselves to the enablers who fuel this type of behavior, like El Maybe Mayimbe.

*a little clarification: ‘MovieTwitter’ is the name we give to our circle of friends on Twitter. We tweet a lot.

Spoiler culture is still a pretty hot topic, something which is constantly being discussed by different fan communities. We’ve obviously barely scratched the surface in the short time we had; do they harm fans or studios more? How should sites such as this approach spoilers? Could they even be a good thing? Maybe we’ll get to answer these questions on another episode.

It’s with a heavy heart we say that this is the end of our summer run (even though we said it last week). Full episodes of CUT TO: Podcast shall return this fall, where we’ll rant and bitch about even more crap that comes our way. Thanks for listening!

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