The Comic Book Charity List of Greatness (Rosh Hashanah Special!)

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Shanah tovah to my Yiddish brothers and sisters, happy day to all my other fellow fanboys and fangirls, and a kick to the shin to my sister, Beth.  I wanted to write a new article based around the Jewish High Holidays, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but last years article was so great I couldn’t top it.  Be sure you read it here —> Learn About Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Through Comics.

Last year, I also did an article about giving charity to causes related to comics.  I’m going to revise it and switch it up a little.  Why?  Because if I inspire a few of you to donate then I will get all kinds of spiritual brownie points.  Plus, it is very important to give charity during the Days of Awe, AKA the ten Days of Repentance.  These are the days including and between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  During this period, Jews have the opportunity to repent for what schmucks they were the year prior.  We do this through “teshuvah, tefillah and tzedakah“ (repentance, prayer and charity).  Also, we have to sincerely apologize to those individuals we hurt (If I have hurt any of you, please forgive me; just kidding, internet blanket apologies are total cop-outs and are just plain lame).  So get your repentance on, get praying and give what you can to charity.

Here is my list of my favorite Comic Related Charities

–This list is not in order of importance (support which ones YOU care for).  It is not a complete list; there are many more great charities.  If you know other wonderful charities please tell about them in the comments.–

The Hero Initiative

hero initiative 1The Hero Initiative is my favorite charity ever because I get to help out the comic creators that shaped the characters and stories that inspire me.  Let’s face it- the comic industry can be brutal to creators. “Work for hire” has left creators with no ownership of their ideas and no retirement policy.  The Hero Initiative helps the creators if they fall on hard times.  The charity will help with medical bills, financial aid, training and finding work.  There are many ways to help out: volunteering at a convention booth (see you at NY Comic Con baby!), buying from their eBay store, becoming a member (I am a member and proudly carry my membership card everywhere), or giving them straight cash.  Check them out by clicking here.  Check them out by clicking here (I wrote that twice, because I really want you to help them out).

Superheroes for Hospice

superheroes for hospiceSuperheroes for Hospice accepts comic, action figure, graphic novel and other comic-related donations which they then sell at special events.  The money from these sales goes toward hospice patients and their families at Barnabas Health Hospice and Palliative Care Centers. Check out their website here.

Donate to help Bill Mantlo

bill mantloBill Mantlo created Cloak and Dagger and Rocket Raccoon.  He also wrote a crapload of other awesome comics such as Hulk, Rom and the Micronauts.  Sadly, in 1992, Bill Mantlo was hit by a car while rollerblading.  He suffered irreparable brain damage and “suffers severe cognitive impairments, anger, and depression.”  His brother Mike has been taking care of him since.   If you loved the Guardians of the Galaxy flick and want to pay respects to Rocket’s creator, you can donate to Bill’s care by clicking here.  Also, here is Greg Pak’s spiel on why to donate.  

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

cbldf_logoThe CBLDF (that is their fancy lettery name) “provide[s] legal aid, education, and advocacy to protect the First Amendment rights of the readers, creators, retailers, publishers, and librarians of comics, manga, and graphic novels.”  You can help them out by volunteering at conventionsbecoming a member of their org, or donating some of your cash-money.  Check out their web site here.

Operation Comix Relief

This great charity sends comics to soldiers overseas.   At first, the charity gave only to ill and wounded soldiers, but now they send comics to any military members serving on the front lines.  You can help them out by either donating money or donating comics.  Check them out here.

Get over $420 worth of Valiant comics for any donation

humble bundleFor any donation at all you get over 150 digital comics from Valiant including Archer & Armstrong, X-O Manowar, Unity, Harbinger, and Quantum and Woody.  This is a sweet deal from Humble Bundle.  All donations will go to Doctors Without Borders, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the Hero Initiative.

Donate you comics to libraries or non-profits

kid readingGot a bunch of old comics laying around taking up space?  Donate you old comics to local libraries and non-profits.  How do you find ones to donate to?  Just give ‘em a call.  Search for local children’s agencies, residential treatment homes, hospitals and libraries.  Most of them will never turn down free comics.

Give to your own local charities

To be a hero, you don’t only have to give to comic-related charities.  Odds are you also care about other causes and are involved in other communities.  Help out a food pantry Find an org that helps sick kids in your community (or in my community if you feel like it- donate to MylesofSmyles).  Donate to help research for diabetes

Be a mensch!

In Loving Memory of David Mark