Colder: The Bad Seed #5 Review

Will Declan manage to escape the grasp of Swivel? Or will his harvester remain trapped forever? Read on to find out. The official description from Dark Horse:

Eisner winner Paul Tobin! Reece is trapped in the hungry world, Swivel’s torture of Declan reaches a devastating climax, and a familiar face makes a terrifying reappearance!

Colder Bad Seed #5 previewColder: The Bad Seed reaches it’s gripping conclusion, with all the twists and turns that Swivel has placed in front of Declan and Reece leading them to this final moment of insanity. Taking us deeper into Declan and Swivel’s history, bridging the remaining gaps between Declan’s past and the start of Colder, this culminative issue proves utterly thrilling. The crazy developments also result in some breathtaking moments, with the excitement being through the roof.

Paul Tobin has created something seriously fascinating in Colder, as though this sequel/prequel series got off to a rather mediocre start, it has quickly proven to be as exciting as it’s predecessor. That has never been more evident, as entering the series final issue, Tobin delivers some of his best work to date. The wacky revelations within Declan, as well as the intense story developments allows for a captivating conclusion, with the final pages leaving an ominous overtone for a potential third series.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Tobin’s plot (which is a lot), it’s been the artwork from Juan Ferreyra that has time and time again left me speechless. Between the immense detail, and the sleek layouts, Ferreyra always seems to create eye catching visuals, with the depth and drama within them never failing to amaze. He also manages to generate some brilliant energy, and along with the suspenseful tones, it compliments the atmosphere within Tobin’s script perfectly. The colours also once again add an extra layer of beauty, with the assists from Eduardo Ferreyra giving a radiant finish to this series.

Colder: The Bad Seed has only went from strength to strength, as though I’m not sure whether it’s surpassed it’s predecessor, it has most certainly matched it in the realm of suspense and horror. The mesmerizing artwork from Juan Ferreyra, and thrilling script of Paul Tobin also go to make this a conclusion that readers won’t want to miss, with this issue coming highly recommended.

  • + Swivel has never been more sinister.
  • + Stunning artwork from Juan Ferreyra.
  • + Gripping finale from writer Paul Tobin.
  • + Leaves potential for a third arc.

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