The Clock Starts Ticking For 24 LIVE ANOTHER DAY In May


Get ready for more terrorist threats, running around, and Jack Bauer uttering ‘dammit’ in every stressful situation. Fox has announced that the limited series 24 Live Another Day will premiere on Monday, May 5 for a special “two hour event” from 8-10 ET/PT.  The show will then have its “time period premiere”, i.e. its normal viewing schedule, on Monday, May 12 at 9 ET/PT.

The limited series brings back stars Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver and William Devane, whose character James Heller is now the President of the United States. The show will also introduce newcomers Yvonne Strahovski, Giles Matthey, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Michael Wincott and Judy Davis. The press release also stated that the series “will follow the exploits of heroic agent JACK BAUER (Sutherland), as he attempts to thwart an unthinkable terrorist attack that could change the world forever.” Yes well, when we’ve dealt with nuclear bombs, viruses, nerve gas and assassinations of political leaders, I’d say just about anything constitutes as “changing the world forever.” I’m just excited to see Jack beat up more terrorists.


Sutherland and Rajskub also talked about the show at this year’s Television Critics Association press tour, with Sutherland stating that the limited series could potentially lead to the eventual feature film or a reboot of the series, although he wouldn’t necessarily star in a reboot.

When I said reboot, I never said I was a part of it. There’s a lot of fantastic characters. When we started the show, I said that the star was 24, the concept. I still believe that very strongly. If an audience were to latch on to a younger character who was helping my character, that would certainly be an option.

While Jack Bauer is a fugitive and on the run from a CIA agent played by Strahovski, Rajskub revealed that her character Chloe O’Brian has gone on a different path from when we last saw her. No longer working for CTU, she will be playing an Edward Snowden-type character working against the government and will find herself pitted against Jack at the beginning of the series.

As a fan of 24 for almost eight years now, I’m getting more excited for the show’s limited return. Like many fans, I agree that the show started to grow stale during its later years, but I think the change in both viewing format and location will give the show the boost it needs in both originality and action. Like I said earlier, I don’t necessarily need a world-changing plot, I just like watching Jack Bauer doing what he does best: saving the day and stopping the bad guys.

SOURCE: Fox and TV Guide