Chrononauts #2 Review

Will Danny find his lost friend? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly have become the world’s first time travelers—but not all goes according to plan when the two go rogue in their own era-hopping adventure! With the world watching, the buddies get mixed up in an eon’s worth of sticky situations while some of history’s scariest villains—and their bosses back in the present day—are determined to track them down!

Chrononauts #2 variantChrononauts got off to a terrific start, as though it may not have been to everyone’s taste (nothing ever is), it’s interesting narrative more than impressed this reader, showing real promise. Unfortunately it fails to deliver here, as though there’s plenty to like about Chrononauts #2, it’s too far detached from what I hoped following the first issues gripping climax.

Though this isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes making a series better for it, it was just too far from what I’d hoped. That being said, the ultimate plot direction is something I should have expected from Mark Millar, as where he could have opted for a more elaborate narrative, he’s decided to go with the cliché of making the characters live out their fantasies. Despite this, the issue wasn’t a complete write off, as though it deflated my excitement, the dialogue shared between Dr. Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly was generally enthralling, with the suspenseful climax also leading nicely into the next issue.

Luckily Sean Murphy continues to shine on art, as where it pains me to talk about a Millarworld script in a negative light, it’s joyous to witness these magnificent interiors (and captivating cover might I add). Having a cinematic vibe, with the drama and excitement oozing out of the pages, Murphy makes it easy to immerse yourself in this tale. His landscapes, and fun facial expressions also allows for a dynamic flair, with there also being some intense moments. If that wasn’t enough, we also get breathtaking colours from Matt Hollingsworth, with the soft, yet sharp palette being more than appealing to the eye.

Chrononauts #2 may not have captivated this reader, but that doesn’t stop it from being an entertaining read. Yes, it isn’t what I expected, and yes it’s a little cliché, but if you strip all that back you get a fun read that will leave you returning for more.

  • + Dynamic flow.
  • + Entertaining dialogue.
  • + Breathtaking art.
  • - A little too cliché.

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