Check Out What Happens In Gotham After THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

One of the insanely talented fanboys at Deviant Art (Kinjamin) decided to illustrate a proper epilogue to THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, resolving all the tiny little threads left dangling after Nolan’s latest flick. Except for that whole mystery surrounding Alfred and Lucius Fox’s sexually ambiguous relationship. We’ll never know who was the top and who was bottom. Shame, really.

The panel is actually pretty awesome, so make sure you give it a look/see below. Click through to zoom in.

There were a few wild assumptions tossed in for extra fun (baby Gordon transforming into Two Face as the most bizarre), but for the most part, I’d be content with this conclusion. What do you think? Is this a proper epilogue for Batman and his brood?

SOURCE: reddit

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