Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #12 Review

Has Buffy finally decided to go with the devil she knows? Or is this just a mere infatuation? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Buffy and her crew are on the cusp of some monumental relationship stuff, but entanglements are waylaid when they’re forced to fight a new evil and the flesh homunculi he creates . . .

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #12 variantLove is in the air for everyone’s favourite slayer, as she finally decides to give into her conflicting feelings towards Spike. This’ll come as no surprise to long time fans, as though the TV series saw a firm distaste between the two characters for the better part, the development since has had it’s fair share of awkward moments. Putting that to one side, Love Dares You Part Two also manages to give an exciting climax to Andrew’s latest developments, as though there were some questionable moments, it remained thoroughly entertaining.

This issue sees a welcomed return of Nicholas Brendon to the writing team, with the former Xander actor once again teaming up with Christos Gage to continue the saga of Buffy and co. Delivering some emotionally dramatic moments, the duo certainly capture the serious nature of these developments, with the witty dialogue during the later sequences, adding a bit of humour as well. The writers also manage to generate some wonderful action, with the dialogue within adding fabulous tempo.

The change in art direction over these last couple of issues has been something that I’ve been in two minds over, as though Megan Levens‘ art is just as fun as Rebekah Isaacs‘, it’s not quite as impressive on the whole. Despite this, Levens manages to capture the dramatic tempo of this tale beautifully, with the emotional exchange between Buffy and Spike being as awkward as expected. She also manages to deliver some exciting action, with Andrew’s facial expressions being comical to say the least. In addition to this, we also get fabulous colours from Dan Jackson, with his vibrant palette giving a lively tone to these wonderful illustrations.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 takes some dramatic twists, with the pairing of Buffy and Spike romantically leaving the door open for many different scenarios. The comical tone in the remaining sequences, also manages to add great atmosphere, as though there are some questionable moments, the series is still as awesome as ever.

  • + Buffy and Spike finally together!
  • + Fun art from Megan Levens.
  • + Humorous moments from Andrew.
  • - Some questionable moments.

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