BRYAN SINGER Brings Monsters To SyFy

X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer  and his production team, Bad Hat Harry Productions, have teamed up with SyFy to bring a monster drama show to life.  The show will be titled Creature At Bay and feature Pacific Rim-type robots battling large monsters.  A 90 minute pilot script is being written by John Cabrera, co-creator of the digital science fiction show H+ (produced by Bryan Singer). The pilot has not been given a release date as of yet.

Creature At Bay will take place after the defeat of a giant monster off the coast of California, and focus mainly on the small town that is nearby and has become the focus of the world after the monster’s defeat.  This leads me to speculate that this show will be more drama than action/adventure.  Which I for one am glad to see.  Lets focus on the characters and the writing; the emotions inherent is what is making all of Marvel’s movies the great stories that they are.  Sure, there is action and adventure (and special effects) but the emotion is what drives the whole thing; everything else is just a part of that affect.  I am eagerly anticipating this pilot from SyFy even with the similarities to Pacific Rim. Hey, it is a cool premise that really has not been overdone.  After all, there are a million introduce, books and such and those keep coming out; occasionally some good ones too!!

This show should be good – great premise, Bryan Singer, SyFy and giant monsters and robots!  I can’t wait for the pilot and I hope it does great.  I would love to see where this sort of thing could go, given the chance.  I think I may have to watch Pacific Rim now…get my nerd on in anticipation of the pilot for Creature At Bay.

SOURCE: Deadline

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