Can these two dark rulers find common ground against the power of other forces? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The Prince of Darkness clashes with Elizabeth Bathory in this explosive new mini-series! Dracula returns from war to face a potential threat in the form of the Blood Queen. Whether they become allies or adversaries, there WILL be blood!

The Blood Queen vs. Dracula 1_Variant CoverWe here at Unleash The Fanboy were fans of the first dynamic volume, so it was exciting to here that the fantastical property would get another chance win over curious onlookers. And after this release it’s clear that the time jump within this mini-series was exactly what the title required. Truth be told the narrative, for me, failed to cover all the plot that I ¬†wanted it too but for a beginning the team did enough right to earn attention.

Troy Brownfield pens the script and the author quickly pushes fanboys and fangirls into the future of The Blood Queen. Years have passed since Lady Elizabeth began her ascent in royal circles and because of that the results of her endeavors, both political and magical, now stand firmly on display. What makes the script work in my book is how the author begins with a strong focus on the era through the perspective of Dracula himself. In his eyes we see the world as it was which on several occasions, for horror fans, can be rather inviting. I did want a bit more time with our Queen, but looking back to where this all began this quickly turned into an intro that got this ball rolling.

On the visual side this sequel finds a different slightly take, courtesy of some engaging pencil strokes by Kewber Baal. Each page is rendered in a simple but detailed enough fashion, that keeps all the players in control without allowing these renditions to go awry. And when you’re dealing with something that’s been re-invented countless times it’s hard for any talent to find a balance between what was and what the character could be in a new setting. But that art succeeds, especially as a familiar palette courtesy of¬†Kirsty Swan enters the fray.

The Blood Queen vs. Dracula #1 is a fitting start to something that should excite readers out there. And I for one can’t wait to see where this creative team goes with this most assuredly dynamite crossover. Recommended.

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