MORE ARKHAM KNIGHT — Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 2!

Last week, we saw part one of the ACE Chemicals Infiltration trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight, and now the second part has been released!

This particular trailer focuses more on Batman’s ride, the famous Batmobile! Being drivable for the first time in the game series, Rocksteady went full throttle (pun intended) in designing the ultimate superhero mode of transportation. It looks sleek and indestructible while packing enough firepower to be a literal tank on wheels. No doubt the addition of this legendary vehicle, combined with the highly praised foundation set by Rocksteady Studios, will make Arkham Knight the ultimate Batman experience.


Are you excited to drive the Batmobile? Do you think it will be the best part of the new game? Sound off with your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below!