ARROW’s Birds Of Prey Episode Features Return of Huntress


Arrow is bringing back its second favorite arrow wielding vigilante back to Starling City. TV Guide has announced that Jessica de Gouw, current star of NBC’s Dracula, will be returning as Helena Bertinelli, a.k.a. the Huntress, for the March 26 episode of Arrow. The last time we saw Helena, she was attempting yet again to oil her father Frank Bertinelli, a crime lord who was responsible for having her fiancé killed. After Oliver stops her, she says she won’t stop until she’s killed her father, and she promptly disappears.


Well, surprise surprise, in the upcoming episode she returns to Starling City to finish the job after hearing Oliver’s arrested Frank.  However, this time she’ll have to deal not only with Oliver, but Black Canary as well, a.k.a. Sara Lance. Producer Marc Guggenheim expressed his excitement to TVGuide at  having Gouw returning to the show.

We consider Jessica a member of the Arrow family and we’re looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after.

The Birds of Prey in the comics primarily feature Huntress, Black Canary and Barbara Gordon as Oracle/Batgirl. Since Barabara has not been introduced in the show, could Felicity be substituted as the female group’s computer expert? Probably so.

Look, I understand that Helena is pissed off at her father for having her fiancé killed, but they really need to wrap this storyline up. I get that her ties to the Mafia in the comics are important to her character, but frankly her hero’s journey needs to be sped up. To me she’s one of the show’s most unlikeable characters, and I’m tired of watching her be the villain. I don’t expect her to be the social crusader that Oliver is, but I’m hoping they can move her past being a crossbow-wielding killer.


Where Oliver has failed in the past trying to reason with her, perhaps Sara can talk some sense into her. We know that Sara joined the League of Assassins after her time on the island, so she’s had experience being a killer as well. Perhaps she’ll be able to speak to Helena in a way that Oliver can’t.

Let’s just hope that this attempt at showing the Birds of Prey on TV goes better than the last one…