3 Anthropomorphic Cartoons That’ll Never Have a Movie

Yesterday we got a look at what to kind of expect from Michael Bay’s TMNT and it got me thinking about the different types of humanoid superheroes that spawned in the 80s and 90s. I’m not personally advocating for a slew of these adaptions, but the child in me would grab these tickets as quick as you can say “COWABUNGA DUDE!”

We won’t be seeing a remake of these shows because they’re mainly forgotten and haven’t had the pop culture following like the Mean Green Fighting Machines.

Biker Mice From Mars

biker mice from mars

Mice haven’t always been my thing, but Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie were three rad mice I could hang with. Pushed away from their homeland on Mars, these rodents loved motorsports and kicking Plutarkian butt. What I really liked about them was the way they looked. The toys were a nice addition to my collection. Modo had a badass robotic arm, Vinnie had a metal plate on his face, and Throttle was cool and collective with his shades and that biker vest a mouse could never pull off in real life.

The Street Sharks

streetsharks movie

Sharks were fascinating to me as a kid. My mother would tease me that sharks were in the water and I would freak! Even though I knew that sharks weren’t anywhere near Indiana. So when this show came out it fascinated me. The Street Sharks would tear through the alleyways with their fins and literally take a chomp out of crime: fighting off Dr. Piranoid and his monstrous goons. However, my favorite character wasn’t a shark, it was the killer whale Moby Lick. Mainly because of the Free Willy franchise, but also because I’m a sucker for redeemed villains, like Tommy the Green Ranger or The Shadow.


dinosaucers movie

This show blew the little me’s mind (even more than Moby Lick.) Dinosaurs fighting dinosaurs?! That was better than going to Disney! When I first seen this show on VHS I was sporting Jurassic Park PJs and drawing dinosaurs eating people. My nightly dreams were filled with triceratops charging T-Rexes. Mixed with the sci-fi aspects of laser guns, spaceships that looked like dinosaurs, and “dinovolving” (by pushing a button they could go back and forth between normal talking dinosaurs to Tyrannos-ass-wooping Dinosaucers.) This was pure jet fuel for my young and boundless imagination.

What were some of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons (anthropomorphic or otherwise)?