Antagonizing ARROW Wasn’t Enough. Clock King Heads To THE FLASH

He gave Oliver Queen a run for his money last season on Arrow, and now William Tockman is relocating to Central City. TV Line is reporting that Robert Knepper will reprise his role as the Clock King in episode 7 of The Flash. This is the first villain from Arrow to cross over into the freshman series, and the third Arrow-related crossover that’s been announced after Felicity appearing in episode 4 and the big Arrow/The Flash crossover in each show’s eighth episode. However, he won’t be working alone.

“We wanted to give Barry a real challenge… TWO bad guys!” says executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, adding that Barry will be “fighting both a new enemy and one of our scariest and most successful Arrow villains in The Clock King.”


In Tockman’s first appearance, he’d been stealing money to help pay for his sister’s medical bills, while he himself suffered from MacGregor’s Syndrome. Yes, that’s the same terminal illness that Mr. Freeze’s wife has in Batman & Robin. We can only pray Arrow and The Flash don’t take place in that Batman movie universe. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what brings Tockman to Central City. If he’s thinking that it will be easier to steal money in Central City, he obviously hasn’t been watching the news. There’s a red blur that’s been stopping crime and keeping everyone safe.

As for this mystery villain, they’re apparently someone The Flash hasn’t faced before. A lot of possibilities here, but here’s one that Prison Break fans would like: Clock King teaming up With Captain Cold, played by Knepper’s former cast mate Wentworth Miller. After all, Leonard Snart may be debuting in episode 4 of The Flash, but that doesn’t mean he’ll get his cold gun/powers that episode. Think about it: Tockman’s precise planning, Cold being able to stop Flash dead in his tracks, it’s the perfect bank robbing duo!


And hopefully Tockman’s MacGregor’s Syndrome doesn’t kill him by the end of episode 7. I still expect Amanda Waller to recruit him into the Suicide Squad.

Let's get this in live-action!

Let’s get this in live-action!