Anne Hathaway Wants Her CATWOMAN in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. No Thanks

Oh, Anne.

I might lose some of my street cred, but I absolutely adore your chick flicks. One Day, Love & Other Drugs, Devil Wears Prada. All quality flicks. And if you think that’s a weird confession for a fat, bearded, bourbon guzzling fanboy… I guess it kinda is. I’m just a sucker for quality rom coms. Don’t even get me started on Hugh Grant’s offerings. I could rant for days. DAYS!!!

With all of that said, I thought Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises was a thoroughly ‘meh’ character. Sure, a lot of the blame rests with director Christopher Nolan and his brother/scribe Jonathan Nolan, as both men crafted a plot-hole littered, hyper-generic sequel for The Dark Knight (a flick which absolutely shattered the genre) Still, Hathaway’s never sold me as the badass thief we’ve all come to love. While I would’ve preferred a face bashing performance, on par with Gina Carano’s cinematic offerings, Catwoman’s a sex empowered thief, and Hathaway barely rendered a decent performance.

Well, apparently she wants another go at it. When asked if she’d like to star in a solo flick, Batman Vs Superman, or even the Justice League movie, Hathaway said:

anne hathaway catwoman batman vs superman

“I would love it if that happened, no one’s talked to me about it and I think that its probably not going to happen, but that would be pretty cool.”

Let it die, Hathaway. I’d love to have another go at my Undergrad years, but we all know that’s not gonna happen. And if I had it my way, I’d not include Catwoman in the new DC universe. At least, not yet. She’s innately one of the cheesier characters from the Batman mythos, and I wouldn’t want that pun drenched anti-hero to jeopardize Ben Affleck’s performance. The dude’s got enough going against him.


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  • CruzLovesMovies

    Hyper generic? Is this a joke? TDKr was excellent and got terrific reviews. As for Hathaway, her performance was also lauded by critics. The fastest to prove that you have no idea what you’re talking about is mentioning Carano as if she’s a decent actress.