Hello fellow Otakus and welcome to ANI-MONDAY, right here on Unleash The Fanboy; bringing you nothing but the best from the Land of the Rising Sun. I am your tour guide Marcell, here to navigate you through the madness. We have 3 choice shows for you here today, now let’s take a look shall we?


Fairy Tail – Fire Dragon, Monkey, & Bull

Another good episode, we got to take a peek into the how the guilds function, and got introduced to more of the more outlandish wizards, saw more of Lucy’s Celestial spirits (Taurus & Horologium); and there was fast action with some great humor sprinkled in for good measure…While a story arc hasn’t presented itself yet, Fairy Tail continues to be enjoyable.

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Persona 4: The Animation – The Contractor’s Key

The show is progressing nicely, with more explanation given on how the TV World works and starting to begin a trend where the main characters have to essentially fight themselves. It will be interesting to see how the show explores this avenue as more characters are introduced in the story.

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Sword Art Online – Beater

Certainly much more action in this episode than the last one, the fight scenes against the boss in this episode were GLORIOUS and it really showed how fast and stylish the animation of the show could be…SAO is still rolling forward and it will be nice to see where Kirito goes from here.

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Thats it for Ani-Monday folks, see you next time. And if there are any anime you want to see featured; let us know in the comments below.