Angela, the Spawn supporting character who recently made waves when she moved to the Marvel Universe, joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, and was later confirmed to be a future member of the Avengers, already has a large fanbase. To reward the fans, Marvel announced today at Comic-Con that the demon slayer is getting an ongoing!

Set to begin in November, the new Angela comic series will be written by Kieron Gillen (Journey Into Mystery) and Marguerite Bennett (Batgirl). Art will be handled by Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman) and Stephanie Hans (various comic covers. The series, titled Angela: Assassin of Asgard, already has an official summary:

After finding out the truth about her past during the events of Original Sin, Angela is forced to find a new place for herself. She’s been exiled from the Tenth Realm, and, despite the revelation that she is Odin’s daughter and Thor’s sister, she still bears a loathing for Asgard.
It seems this series is Marvel’s latest push to try to get more female readers, which started with She-Hulk, and the recent Ms. Marvel re-launch, and recently reached a climax when Marvel announced the new Thor series during The View, which caused waves online when it was revealed the new Thor would be…female!
Originally, rumor had it Angela herself would be the new Thor, but after both characters appeared in a poster for the upcoming Avengers arc, it was seemingly debunked, and this comic news seals the deal.
Anyway, it makes sense for Marvel to try to tap into a female readership. After all, the MCU proves that there is definitely a large female (fangirl?) following. If Marvel can tap into that, they can certainly raise sales! Marvel should make an Angela film, maybe. I’d watch that!
So…think you’ll buy this series, or is one female-led Thor series enough?
Source: CBM