Angel & Faith Season 10 #11 Review

What will happen now that Faith has returned to London? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

Faith Lehane returns to London! Long missing from the scene in Magic Town, the Slayer is back and ready for action—which is going to come as a surprise to her old evil-fighting teammate, Angel . . .

Angel & Faith Season 10 #11 variantFaith has returned to Magic Town, London, and all I can say is, “about bloody time!” Yes, it was nice to see Faith out in the big wide world, doing her own thing, but the main thing that I loved about Angel & Faith Season 9 was the chemistry between it’s two titular characters. The return of Faith isn’t however the only major change to the series, as Fred returns to the Buffyverse, and somehow is no longer under the influence of Illyria.

Victor Gischler has been doing a tremendous job since this series launched, capturing the tone and characteristics of these beloved characters wonderfully. This continues into the third arc, with the late developments of the last having huge ramifications on the present. The way that Gischler handles these changes, with the gentle build-up to the Angel and Faith reunion was truly fascinating, being utterly gripping and extremely dramatic. Despite this, there is a part of me that can’t help but feel this is a transitional issue, all be it an extremely awesome transitional issue.

Will Conrad has been delivering some fascinating art over the course of this series, with his detailed illustrations being some of the best to grace a Buffyverse comic. Retaining this high level of detail, Conrad gives some of his best work on the series to date, with the deep emotions, and gripping layouts being very alluring. He also manages to add the odd bit of excitement to his pencils, with the action sequence, though brief, feeling as explosive as ever. In addition to this, colourist Michelle Madsen also continues to do an amazing job, with her choice of palette allowing for a sleek finish, that delivers wonderful tone.

Angel & Faith Season 10 #11 is the issue that fans have been longing for, with the reunion of the series titular characters being nothing short of mesmerizing. This, along with the dramatic developments involving Fred, make this a must read comic for fans of the Buffyverse.

  • + Angel and Faith together again!
  • + Sensational detail in Will Conrad's art.
  • + Dramatic developments involving Fred.
  • - Felt a little bit like a transitional issue.

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