THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Game Heads to Mobile Devices This April

Mobile developer Gameloft have been the go-to studio for a quick movie tie-in – developing stunning (well, they were OK anyway) tie-ins like The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier – and they’ve been tapped yet again for another tie-in.

Gameloft have announced that they’re developing a mobile game (and yes, there is a video game anyway but this is Sony we’re talking about) of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, set in an open-world Manhattan where Spidey fights Electro, Green Goblin and more in a story ‘inspired by the movie’, meaning it’ll probably be in the same weird ‘alternate story’ bracket that the first one went for. You can see the trailer below:


The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The Mobile Game releases this April for iOS devices, Android devices, Windows Phone and others. Alternatively, there’s also the video-game tie-in, or the special pinball tie-in. And sadly (depending on your views of pinball), I am lying about the pinball.