ADVANCE REVIEW! Space Riders #1

Is this crazy new series the kind of thing you should be picking up? Or has the creators imaginations ran wild in a terrible way? Read on to find out.

The official description from Black Mask Studios:

From the galactic core to the outer quadrants, one name strikes terror in the hearts of evil beings everywhere: the Space Riders! Sailing the cosmos in the Skullship Santa Muerte, Capitan Peligro and his fearless crew deal harsh justice to the scum of the galaxy while searching for the forbidden truths of the universe! Fabian Rangel Jr (Doc Unknown) and Alexis Ziritt (The Package) bring you a new and exciting space adventure that will destroy your brain! (in a good way)

Space Riders #1 previewDescribed by Black Mask Studios as being “among the craziest comics you’ll read all year,” Space Riders is a comic that quickly grabbed my attention. Centring around former, and future Space Rider, Captain… or should that be Capitan Peligro, this comic certainly lives up to this statement, being one of the strangest comics I have ever read. This is done in such a way that’s both curious, without being mind numbingly frustrating, with there ultimately being a clear story at it’s heart.

If I’m being honest, Fabian Rangel Jr.‘s script didn’t initially do anything for me, as though the crazy premise was somewhat enthralling, it’s narrative seemed too confusing. That quickly changed however, as once the writer moved the story forward a year, things were put into perspective, with the narrative being gripping to say the least. Featuring a talking baboon, a female robot, a biker like “capitan” and a skull shaped ship called Santa Muerte, there definitely a creative explosion within this tale. On the other hand it’s the way the writer keeps a coherent flow that really impressed, as though the craziness is the spectacle, there’s also a lot of drama.

From the first page, it is obvious that this is a series that’s reliant on visuals, as though the plot itself is fantastic, the bold, vibrant artwork is hard to miss. Having a somewhat Kirbyesque feel to it, Alexis Ziritt‘s art is simply sensational, with the invigorating panels, and energetic layouts more than catching the eye. The exciting action also managed to add an exciting flair to proceedings, with the quirky linework complimenting Rangel Jr.’s crazy script brilliantly. Despite all this, it’s the colours that impress most, as though they may prove too jarring for some readers, they allow for a somewhat psychodelice finish to this wacky tale.

Space Riders is definitely a mini-series that readers should try, as though it won’t be for everyone, it may very well surprise you. Having a strange, yet alluring narrative, this opening issue is a lot of fun, with the characters within allowing for a dramatic flair. The blistering art will also entice, with it feeling like a bad trip.

  • + Strange, yet dramatic.
  • + Mindblowing visuals.
  • + Wonderful premise.
  • - Initially a little confusing.

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