ADVANCE REVIEW! Five Ghosts #16

What will happen when Fabian Gray is at the mercy of Doctor Moreau? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

“MONSTERS & MEN,” Part Four Trapped.

Five Ghosts #16It seems that we can’t get away from Doctor Moreau this month, as following his appearance in The Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time #2 just a couple of weeks ago, he reappears here in Five Ghosts #16, being the mad scientist experimenting on Sebastian. This version of Moreau is on the other hand completely different, as though there’s still similarities to the character H.G. Wells created back in 1896, there’s a much more feral, and focused inhibition to this one.

Frank Barbiere has been blowing my mind since I first started reading Five Ghosts, as though it’s usually a quick read, it’s most certainly an intense one. The thing that really impresses however, is the way that he manages to pack in a dramatically thrilling tale in such a short, fast paced setting, with each issue giving wonderful development. It also continues to give great depth to it’s main character, Fabian Gray, with the five ghosts that help him never failing to astound; the vampire being the most recent.

Just as Barbiere’s scripts have yet to fail to impress, so has Chris Mooneyham‘s art, with the talented artist always delivering sensational visuals. This is no different here, with the dramatically gripping layouts, and intense character expressions more than keeping this reader’s interest. He also manages to give a great sense of depth, as between Moreau’s sinister desire to get Fabian’s bloodstone, and the power that Fabian gains from five ghosts, there’s an enthralling clash of emotion. The colours of Laura Affe also as ever give a rich, vibrant finish, with the softer tones in Moreau’s story allowing for a different tempo.

Five Ghosts is a comic that every fan should have on their pull, as though some may initially find it’s fast paced series of events unworthy of their hard earned cash, those who stick with it for a few issues will see why it’s a must read. This issue goes to emphasise these statements, with Fabian’s struggle against Doctor Moreau being fantastic.

  • + Doctor Moreau more sinister than ever.
  • + The five ghosts at their best.
  • + Gripping artwork from Chris Mooneyham.
  • + Intense developments.

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