ADVANCE REVIEW! Death Vigil #2

How will Clara fit into the world of the Death Vigil’s? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

Clara Jenkins never had many friends. Then she joined Death Vigil…and she gained many friends. The end! Oh…and of course there is that whole small print deal about the League of Necromancers who aligned themselves with a world-devouring enemy of all life, can summon unholy abominations to do their bidding, and seek to destroy the vigil above all else…

DV002_preview01Death Vigil got of to a phenomenal start, proving to be one of the most hilarious openings I’ve ever read. At the same time it also gave a compelling story, whilst also having some serious ass kicking action. This issue continues in the same vein, as though all of these factors have been diluted so as to give more information relating to the story’s background, it still keeps a diverse tone.

Stjepan Sejic has really proven his worth as a writer over these two opening issues, as though he’s had writing experience alongside Ron Marz on Ravine, it’s not to the same level as this. What I liked about his writing in this issue was the fact that Sejic took a more serious tone, as though we get much loved humour and fun, it’s important for the story’s sake to get some solid definition. On the other hand nothing comes for free, as though we get more background, we lose a little of the energy.

As fans of Sejic’s art can concur you just need to look at his preview pages or deviantART account to get a glimpse into his greatness. The sheer beauty and spectacle of his art really mesmerises, with the lavish painted colours being a joy to mull over. In addition to this Sejic also has a great knowledge of page layout, utilising unique panelling to give a more lavish finish. Despite all this what I’ve grown to love most about his art on this series is the characteristics, with it really bringing out different personalities.

Death Vigil continues to be a magnificent series, with Sejic’s writing and art being a wonder to behold. Highly recommended.

  • + Stjepan Sejic grows even stronger as a writer.
  • + Mesmerising artwork that’s simply beautiful.
  • + More likeable Death Vigil members.
  • + More background into the Vigil’s history.

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