ADVANCE REVIEW! Charmed Season 10 #6

What possibly could happen to Phoebe whilst on her book tour? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:


After suffering a tragic loss at the hands of an evil older than time itself, one of the Halliwell sisters takes a trip across the country and crosses paths with a will o’ the wisp. However, this troubled spirit has much more planned than merely leading its targets astray…

Charmed Season 10 #6Charmed Season 10 tangents off from it’s current path, to give us this one-shot tale that features Phoebe and her daughter, P.J. Following the death of former husband, Cole, Phoebe finds it hard to focus whilst on her book tour, as between seeing his face in that of strangers, and the mystical activities that are happening to her daughter, the concept of work seems rather distant. The fact that this issue doesn’t directly follow that of the last, both intrigued and worried me, as though it’s nice to get a fresh tale once in a while, the task of building, and concluding it in one issue left me slightly sceptical.

That being said, writer Pat Shand did a wonderful job of creating a thoroughly enjoyable script, as though it initially felt like a throwaway issue, a sudden twist in the plot turned it into one of the more interesting installments of this series. Having a mystical vibe, that is built on emotion, this twist easily captured the attention of this fanboy, with Phoebe’s reaction to the events at hand being dramatically gripping. Shand also does a fantastic job of making this a satisfying one-shot, as despite initially being a little slow, the flow is generally smooth, with the conclusion not feeling rushed.

The artwork on this issue is handled by Dimat, with regular series artist, Elisa Féliz, stepping down for this issue. Despite there being a distinct change in tempo between the two artist, the charming, fun style remains, with the energetic layouts being eye catching to say the least. The detail is also to a high standard, as though there may be a few imperfections when it come to certain facial expressions, the scenery, and more chilling sequences certainly make up. The colours of Valentina Cuomo also help to give a familiar texture, with the vibrant palette helping brighten things up.

Charmed Season 10 continues to be an impressive continuation to the beloved TV show, as though initially this one-shot tale feels throwaway, it quickly proves to be far from that, with dramatic twist capturing this readers interest. The charming way that Phoebe’s daughter, P.J., is used in this tale also amazed, with the chilling, yet emotional developments being truly captivating.

  • + P.J. becomes a pivotal character.
  • + Wonderful one-shot.
  • + Creepy twist that’s utterly dramatic.
  • - Initially feels a little slow.

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