ADVANCE REVIEW! Charmed: Season 10 #1

Does Charmed continue to appeal after a two year absence? Read on to find out.

The official description from Zenescope:


The Power of Three finally returns in Zenescope’s official continuation of CHARMED! When an ancient evil older than time itself targets the Charmed Ones, they will have to call on help from the magical community… including their estranged sister Prue and the former demon Cole… for help. But will it be enough when an Old One sets its sights on the Halliwells?

An all new epic storyline begins, written by Pat Shand (Robyn Hood, Grimm Fairy Tales) and up-and-coming artist Elisa Féliz, edited by Charmed fan favorite Paul Ruditis!

Charmed Season Ten #1 previewIt’s been over eight years since Charmed left our television sets, and two years since Zenescope first continued telling the tales of three of our favourite witches. So what makes now the right time to bring out Charmed Season 10? Bar the obvious factor of the fans demanding it, the main reason that this series gives is the feeling that the Halliwell sisters have never been away, with the matching dynamic being amazing throughout.

Grimm Fairy Tales writer Pat Shand takes on the writing duties of Charmed Season 10, replacing Season 9 writer Paul Ruditis who stays on as editor. The thing that stood out the most from Shand’s script was his understanding of the characters, as though the tale itself wasn’t the greatest to feature the Halliwell sisters, their portrayal was spot on. Shand also does a good job of making this one-shot feel contained, whilst also showing a grander picture. As though a couple of transitions feel a little sudden, the suspenseful flow, and exciting ending more than made up.

Initially the artwork on this comic felt a bit rough and flat. As the story progressed however the dramatic flair of Elisa Féliz started to emerge, with the artist’s talent being firmly on display. With wonderful scenery, and distinctive enough likenesses, Féliz manages to make this feel like the Charmed setting that fans love. The action, and overall magical presence is also on display, with it having a very enticing flow. Valentina Cuomo‘s colours also manage to give the magical vibe that I loved about the TV series, with the mixture of tones being very eye catching.

Charmed Season 10 #1 sees the return of the Halliwell sisters, and though it may not be their greatest outing, the script that Shand produces will certainly keep fans happy. It also gives a wonderful sense of things to come, with the narration allowing for a sense of mystery as well as suspense. Highly recommended.

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