ADVANCE REVIEW! Aphrodite IX #11

Will Aphrodite IX finally learn everything about her past and can she stop this war between the Gen and the Cyborgs? Read on to find out.

The official description from Top Cow:

One of the two established City States, Speros or Genesis, is completely annihilated. Death, death, and more death!

AphroditelX11_Page1Aphrodite IX has unfortunately reached it’s conclusion. Luckily however this is not the end and rather the beginning of a new chapter. Over the course of the series I have been amazed and astounded by the mysterious and epic nature of this series with Aphrodite IX being a very likeable character. In this intense conclusion Aphrodite IX finally learns about her past and has a decision to make concerning the Gen/Cybog war.

As ever Matt Hawkins writes a fabulous script bringing the series to a fitting conclusion whilst also teasing/setting-up the characters future. The way that he handled the interaction between Aphrodite IX and her fellow IX’s really impressed me with the character getting a much deserved feeling of belonging. Hawkins also gives us energy in the form of the Gen/Cyborg battle with it coming to an explosive ending. Despite all this a part of me felt that it was a little too focused on setting up Aphrodite IX’s future with some aspects feeling slightly rushed. Nevertheless this didn’t detract from the fact that this is a brilliantly written comic.

Stjepan Sejic has quickly became one of my favourite artists as though I’ve experienced his art prior to reading Aphrodite IX it’s his recent work on the series that I’ve admired the most. The way that he captures the beauty and dynamic tone of this story is a true marvel with Aphrodite IX’s joy and relief giving a lot of depth. As ever Sejic also produces magnificent colours to accompany his astonishing art with it especially being enthralling during the action sequences.

Aphrodite IX may be at it’s conclusion but the story’s far from over. Hawkins and Sejic bring the series to a fitting close having me itching for the Aphrodite IX/Cyber Force crossover. Highly recommended.

  • + Matt Hawkins brings this series to a sensational conclusion.
  • + Stjepan Sejic never fails to produces phenomenal artwork.
  • + Tons of wonderful revelations.
  • + Gen fight Cyborgs to an awesome climax.

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