5 Characters I Want to See in Marvel’s AGENT CARTER

I truly believe Marvel’s Agent Carter is going to be an awesome show. How could it not be? You’ve got Marvel/Disney backing it, Kevin Feige, Joe Quesada, Stan Lee, and Jeph Loeb are some of its producers, and you’ve got Hayley Atwell reprising her role as the beautiful and ball-busting Peggy Carter. Her small role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier got me excited to see more of one of the breakout characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or MCU) and her story after World War II. With the late 1940s setting and all of the themes that go with it, I’m guessing the show will be like Mad Men but with more guns. There are only supposed to be eight episodes, but there are a few characters I hope to see to not only connect the show to the MCU, but to make those eight episodes really stand out.



arnim zola hydra

In The Winter Soldier, we learned that Arnim Zola was recruited into the newly formed S.H.I.E.L.D. after World War II and eventually had his mind uploaded into machines, making him more like his comic book counterpart. But what happened in those early days of working for the enemy? We know that HYDRA slowly but surely seeped its way into S.H.I.E.L.D., but what was his role in that undertaking? An episode or two showing him at work could provide little hints as to how HYDRA and their allies continued to terrorize the world even after its assumed disbanding. And speaking of HYDRA allies…



Baron Zemo is a scientific genius with a hatred of Captain America that rivaled even the Red Skull. Though he was pretty much left out in Captain America: The First Avenger, his castle was the setting for Captain America: Super Soldier, a video game that showed Cap’s exploits destroying HYDRA weapon factories. Zemo is one my personal favorite villains at Marvel Comics and I’d love to see him cause trouble for S.H.I.E.L.D. now that Red Skull was ‘eaten’ by the Tesseract. His look would be interesting to see on television and it would be a good image boost for Peggy to take down one of Cap’s enemies herself.



No matter the era, heroes are always needed. For Marvel, the Howling Commandos (or Invaders depending on your source material) were the heroes of World War II. Led by Captain America, this ragtag group of POWs were essential in helping the Sentinel of Liberty take down HYDRA’s weapon factories. Though it would extremely difficult to get them all together, I’d love to see them team up with Peggy in an episode or two. This would aslo provide an opportunity to show post-war experience of veterans from that era, something rarely seen on TV. But honestly, just being able to see them getting together to celebrate the anniversary of Cap and Bucky’s ‘death’ would be one of the best moments in the show.


union jack marvel

One of the most interesting facets about Peggy Carter is that she’s British. Brits get a bad reputation in American entertainment, usually portraying a villain (Loki), a hapless goof (The Mandarin) or some other nonsense. Agent Carter could serve as a chance to change that. And where better to start than with Union Jack, who is basically England’s version of Captain America. Even if he wouldn’t be James Falsworth like in the comics, having him appear would make an awesome team-up episode since Union Jack has usually been more of an espionage agent than superhero. His appearance could serve as a foreshadowing of how other countries have been trying to make their own super soldier, similar to how other countries were trying to make copies of Tony Stark’s armor in Iron Man 2.


captain america hydra surrounded

This show wouldn’t be complete without seeing Captain America at least once. I know a lot of you are saying that there’s no way he’ll make an appearance on the show. That’s what I thought of all the major actors from the Marvel films. But luckily, Samuel L. Jackson was cool enough to make a few cameos on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so why couldn’t Chris Evans? He did it in Thor: The Dark World after all. It would be a high point of the series if Cap was shown in a flashback or two, particularly if it tells the story of how he saved the man Peggy will eventually marry, like she mentioned in Winter Soldier. Let’s face it, wouldn’t YOU rather spend time with Peggy Carter than fighting Ultron?

Are there any characters and/or references that you want to see in Agent Carter? Drop a comment below!

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  • Daxx Maximum

    They need to work Wolfgang Von Strucker into the mix as well. In the video game he was one of the major villains and the game was well within the continuity of the movies. They need to explain why Strucker is as young as he is in the present when he fought in WWII.


    • Falcon720

      I’m hoping in Age of Ultron they show Strucker with the Satan’s Claw and show him steal someone’s youth like in Avengers EMH. Otherwise Marvel might just portray him as someone who just grew up normally believing in HYDRA like todays Neo Nazis.

      • ieyke

        Yea. I really hope they make a point of Strucker being an original HYDRA/Nazi warlord who has just outright stayed alive this whole time with crazy HYDRA technology.

        Helmut Zemo needs to be the one who grew up as an heir into a crazy Nazi dynasty.

  • Dart Vade

    I have zero interest in a chic pretending to be tough at all of 95lbs in the 1940’s where no other superheroes existed and she is fighting pockets of leftover nazi’s. Her portrayl of teh character is very flat and brief and how everyone thinks she was so great in it that now years later its still the only ting we know her for and it will cotinue bc she apparently cant get any other job. This will be just as crappy and forced as SHIELD is and will forever be.

  • Musikonica

    Captain America went into the ice after defeating Red Skull, and was pulled out modern day, when Peggy Carter is an elderly senile woman. Exactly how would Captain America make sense in making an appearance? Flashbacks would just be scenes from the movie. Maybe a dream sequence? Seems like a long shot.

    • Adam Holmes

      Don’t forget that some time passed while Cap and the Howling Commandos were off on their sabotage missions against the Red Skull. We didn’t see everything go down, so a flashback could be from one of those missions.

      • Musikonica

        Hm, that’s true.

    • ieyke

      There’s a HUUUUUUUUGE span of time missing from Cap’s battles in World War II that was just covered in a brief montage (the one thing I find frustrating about that movie is all that stuff being glazed over, because the mountains of insane shit he dealt with in WW2 are a huge part of why Captain America became legendary…).
      We’ve actually barely seen anything of Captain America’s time where he could’ve been working with Peggy.

      • Musikonica

        Ok, emphasizing Adam’s comment… I get it. So, some flashbacks. But how many? She put together S.H.I.E.L.D. after Captain America was gone, and isn’t that what the series is about? Not sure we’ll see everything of that missing time. But yea, flashbacks. It’s been pointed out.

        • ieyke

          Well, there’s all manner of stuff that Cap battled that he didn’t “finish” before he “died”.
          A major example – Cap battled Heinrich Zemo, but never put an end to him and the dynasty of Baron Zemos.
          As I said in another comment:
          “Agents Of SHIELD needs to set up a mysterious super dangerous master villain working for HYDRA in the first half of Season 2, then Agent Carter needs to introduce the SSR/SHIELD’s battles against Baron Heinrich Zemo when Agent Carter airs during SHIELD’s mid-season break, and then Agents Of SHIELD needs to introduce Baron Helmut Zemo as the HYDRA warlord that they’re dealing with.
          Would be an amazing way to handle the Barons Zemo Dynasty.”

          Captain America showing up in flashbacks to when HE was originally battling the WWII-era Baron Zemo would make perfect sense if he returns to battle the SSR/SHIELD.
          Remember, just because they beat the Red Skull doesn’t mean WWII was over when Cap “died”. This show could be set in the aftermath of WWII, or in the middle of it – post-Captain America VS Red Skull…
          Peggy might be dealing with all manner of enemies that Cap already battled earlier in the war – Baron Strucker, Madame Hydra…who knows?
          Could be Howard Stark’s flashbacks, since he helped create Captain America and was more or less Cap’s “Q”.
          Could be flashbacks for the Howling Commandos* who fought alongside him throughout the war.
          Any characters already established in the movies that end up carrying over to the show are pretty much derived from the fact that they worked with Captain America until he disappeared.

          *It seems pretty much guaranteed that the Howling Commandos will have a significant part in this show.
          – They fought alongside Cap ’til he vanished.
          – One of them (presumably Gabriel Jones) is Agent Triplett’s grandfather.
          – Dugan was hanging out with Howard Stark when he invited Peggy to help found SHIELD with him.
          – Several of the Howling Commandos were eventually the founding SHIELD Agents in the comics.
          – James Falsworth (not a Howling Commando in the comics) is the superhero Union Jack(who I can’t imagine they’d just toss aside, and if not in Agent Carter…then where would they include him?).
          – And (IF they’re not lead by Peggy and/or Dugan) I won’t be surprised if the Howling Commandos end up being lead by Jack Fury (Nick Fury’s dad) – who is usually the one shown replacing the non-immortal “Ultimates-inspired” versions of Nick Fury as the leader of the Howling Commandos (and would also help flesh out Nick Fury’s backstory).

          • Musikonica

            Zemo could make sense for some flashbacks. Didn’t they re-write Strucker’s time, as he’s in Captain America: Winter Soldier, and will be at the beginning of Avengers 2? Unless they’re going to write a whole back story as to how Strucker’s around in the modern day as well. And then, should Baron Zemo be part of the flashbacks, or also placed in modern time as a AoS villian instead? Both?
            No doubt the Howling Commandos should be in the show. They should have a major presence.

          • ieyke

            Baron Strucker is basically a life vampire. He’s got a big gauntlet device on one arm, called “Satan’s Claw”, that allows him to steal the youth from people and make himself stay young. He has straight up lived since WWII being essentially ageless.
            Shouldn’t be too hard to explain just by showing him steal someone’s youth in the movie. There’s enough crazy HYDRA tech in the MCU that it doesn’t need an in depth explanation for people to accept it.

            Baron Zemos are not all the same person. They are part of a family dynasty of Zemos going back to at least the Crusades.
            In WWII, Captain America battled Baron Heinrich Zemo, while in modern times his grandson (son?), Baron Helmut Zemo is the current Baron Zemo and major enemy of Captain America, SHEILD, and the Avengers. So, yes both shows should have a Baron Zemo, except that one is the ancestor of the other.

          • Musikonica

            Damn, didn’t know that about Zemos. Thanks for that one.
            You’re right, it would be easy if they show the Satan’s Claw. Guess we’ll see if they will soon.

  • ieyke

    Agents Of SHIELD needs to set up a mysterious super dangerous master villain working for HYDRA in the first half of Season 2, then Agent Carter needs to introduce the SSR/SHIELD’s battles against Baron Heinrich Zemo when Agent Carter airs during SHIELD’s mid-season break, and then Agents Of SHIELD needs to introduce Baron Helmut Zemo as the HYDRA warlord that they’re dealing with.
    Would be an amazing way to handle the Barons Zemo Dynasty.

    Also, Red Skull did NOT get “eaten” by The Tesseract.
    He got TELEPORTED to who knows where.
    How much more obvious do you want them to be?
    They already had half a movie about Einstein-Rosen Bridges, the Bifrost, and Asgardian artifacts.
    Then they have a movie all about Red Skull recovering an Asgardian artifact – The Tesseract – which ends with a giant hole in space opening up as he disappears…
    Then they have a whole movie about using The Tesseract to open portals for invasion purposes….
    And finally it turns out that The Tesseract is an Infinity Gem – the Space Gem – which bends space and allows teleportation.

  • Larry_T

    We need to see the original leader of the Howling Commandos – Nick Fury. His recruitment into S.H.I.E.L.D, would make a great story.

  • rosie1843

    I doubt we will see Nick Fury’s recruitment into SHIELD. According to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fury was born in 1951. He probably didn’t join until the 1970s or 1980s.

    The only way for Steve Rogers to appear on “AGENT CARTER” is through a flashback.