X-MEN’S Colossus to be in DEADPOOL Movie

There has been talk about new superhero movies that are coming out soon, but there is one that we haven’t seen quite a lot of in terms of having more than one trailer. That movie would be Deadpool. Of course, there is a trailer that I’m sure we have all seen by now. If not then check it out below!

One of the major elements that seems to be talked about is X-Men’s Colossus that was rumored to appear only as a cameo since he was only briefly featured in the Deadpool trailer. However, that seems to be untrue to this statement as Rob Liefeld told a different story,

“You are going to love Colossus. He’s in it – I hope Fox doesn’t get mad at me – he’s in it a good amount. He doesn’t just walk through the movie.”

It does not specify what exactly Colossus will be doing in the film and what his role is in the movie which have not been revealed as of yet. Not going to lie, I’m intrigued myself on how the director will put these two characters together and what Colossus role in the movie will be. Nonetheless, I’m sure fans are waiting to know as anticipation awaits them.

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Ryan Reynolds looks to be the leading man to this movie as he plays none other than Wade Wilson, or better known as Deadpool himself. With his dark and twisted sense of humor and this rated-R film it’s surprising how much of a positive reaction they got from fans already. Looking at Ryan Reynolds roles from before you can see that he is no stranger when it comes to the Superhero world. It didn’t go so well with his role as the Green Lantern, in fact that movie was a complete flop to be honest, not his acting just the film in general was a great disappointment to the superhero fandom.

Ryan Reynolds does not seem to be discouraged however, when it seems to be back at it again with his new movie role. They asked Ryan Reynolds if they thought that playing Deadpool was going to be anything like the Green Lantern situation, according to MovieWeb he responds with:

“Deadpool was different because there wasn’t a big budget attached to it. There was not a tremendous responsibility to meet some kind of bottom line. Those kinds of superhero movies when you’re out front, there’s a vast and quite frightening budget attached to them. This one had a super-reasonable budget, and it was subversive and a little bit different, and to me a little refreshing in the comic-book world. But you always have trepidation. When you’re out front, you have trepidation.”

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Fans seem to be excited about this role seeing as how they will intermingle both Deadpool and X-men world into the same film. There has been a positive reaction already and we will have to hope for the best that this movie will nothing like the disappointing movies such as the Green Lantern or Fantastic Four. 

“This is the best Colossus ever looked on screen,” Liefeld said. “You are going to love him in Deadpool.”

Let’s just hope that Liefeld is right on this one. I guess we will have to wait in see on February 12, 2016 how well this movie will do.

What do you guys think about Colossus being in Deadpool? Do you guys think this film will be better than some of the others we’ve had? Comment below!