X-MEN FIRST CLASS Actor Jason Flemyng Teasing Role In STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

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British actor Jason Flemyng (Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, Kick-Ass, Clash of The Titans, X-Men First Class, Welcome To The Punch, Stardust) has posted an interesting image on his Instagram account. It shows a page from a scrip with clearly has the actor’s name marked across it. Jason adds that the page is from the new Star Wars film. We assume this means Episode VII. Which is still casting and taking casting videos from around the world currently. This isn’t the first time the actor has teased a part in the film. You might remember when X-Men First Class‘ Matthew Vaughn was linked as directing candidate. Flemyng gave this cheeky response to the rumor on the red carpet to HeyUGuys. Which included him doing his best droid impression. To be fair he also said he was going to be in Days of Future Past, which wasn’t to be.

“Pint of Stella and ” Star Wars” script! That’s me sorted till 5!”


Jason has a solid background of filming action sequences while wearing tons of makeup. A perfect resume to be apart of the Star Wars universe. His characters Azazel in X-Men First Class and Calibos in Clash of The Titans are excellent examples of why he could make a good jedi or sith. Not to mention the sword-work that was needed for both roles. I’m sure there are plenty of roles to take for the next installment and we wish good luck to Mr. Flemyng. Other names previously linked include Saoirse Ronan, Sullivan Stapleton, Liam McIntyre, Alex Pettyer, Miles Teller and Rachel Hurd-Wood. The script is currently being rewritten by Lawrence Kasdan and J.J. Abrams. While the release date for Star Wars Episode VII is set for December 18th 2015.