Wreck-It Ralph, Avengers, Robot Chicken, Tron: Uprising win Annie Awards

On February 2, the 40th Annual Annie Awards too place. I am pleased with many of the winners. I think (hope) you will be too.

Wreck-it Ralph stole the show, winning five categories. It got Best Animated Feature, which sounds about right, since Pixar’s Brave received only average reception. Rich Moore, director of Wreck-it Ralph, received the award for “Directing in a Feature Production”. Music in an Animated Feature went to Wreck-it Ralph‘s various composers, and Writing in an Animated Feature also went to Wreck-it Ralph. And last, but not least, Alan Tudyk got the “Voice Acting in an Animated Feature” for his role as King Candy in Wreck-it Ralph.

Meanwhile, the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special, which aired in 2012 on Adult Swim, received the “General Audience Television Production” award. I never watched the whole thing, but what I did see was very funny, so good for it.

Paperman, the short black-and-white film that played in theaters before Wreck-it Ralph, earned the “Animated Short Subject” award. I can see why; it was a beautiful film, and a lot of people argue that it was better than Wreck-it Ralph itself! Disney began streaming Paperman online this week, so if you haven’t seen it yet, now you have no excuse!

The Avengers, still going strong, received the “Animated Effects in a Live Action Production” award. Avengers was awesome and epic, so it deserves any awards that come its way, and the effects were very good.

Tron: Uprising, which recently finished airing on Disney XD, received two awards: “Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production” and “Production Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production”. The show deserves the awards; when the series was first airing, people hated the animation, but towards the end, everyone loved it. The animation can take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it is impossible NOT to love it!

There are a few other awards that were given out, check them out here.