WOLVERINE 3 Will Be Based On Existing Comic Stories…Plus Yukio and Mariko Returning?


James Mangold is slowly dishing out details about his untitled sequel to The Wolverine. The project which is being referred to as Wolverine 3 is currently being written by Mangold. The only details we have at the moment, include a smaller threat than the other X-Men films. Supporting actors Rila Kukushima and Tao Okamoto could be returning as the director hints to Collider.

“Well pre-production – I would say I’m not there yet. But I have taken finger to key. Let’s say that. There’s been typing. And ideas. And talking amongst all the principles.”

A new element about the creative-side of the project is also revealed. Which should make loyal fans happy. James was asked by IAmRogue, if the sequel would be influenced by a particular story from the comics. Previous films like Days of Future Past and The Wolverine have taken major plot points from the comics. Instead of having the entire story created by a screenwriting team. Ending-up with only a few comic cues like with X-Men 1-3 and X-Men Origins. Fox has been using some of the Marvel Studios blue-print. By incorporating existing stories from the comics into their films. The studio has taken to the X-Men era of Chris Claremont. Along his collaborations with Frank Miller for the recent Logan saga. I would assume other Chris Claremont stories could be the focus for Wolverine 3.

“Absolutely. I can tell you that I certainly have in determining where we are going that I’m not solely relying on my own imagination but also the imaginations that have spun great stories about Wolverine in the comics,” 



We don’t exactly know which stories he’ll be drawing from. Sites (including ourselves) have theories on the direction it could be going. Our ideas, did include characters and stories created by Mr. Claremont. That also had connections to characters used in The Wolverine. I’m sure that Mangold will have to factor in the events of X-Men Days of Future Past and Jeff Wadlow’s X-Force. All four films will be apart of a new cohesive X-Men film universe. Fingers-crossed, that Omega Red shows up. Claremont has used Omega in stories such as X-Men: Genesis and other comic book conflicts with Logan. I’d also like to see Mangold take a shot at the Weapon X Program. Giving Wolverine a proper on screen origin. Either seen in flashbacks or an opening sequence (ala Incredible Hulk). X-Men Origins butchered that aspect of his past. With the character given a reboot of sorts. Re-imagining his origin wouldn’t be out of the question.



  • kixxxers

    At the end of the day it is gonna be a Disney product expect it to be Watered Down!

    • Christopher M

      not Disney it’s Fox.. the studio owns the film rights to both X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises.. The Wolverine: Unleashed/Unrated Cut is anything but watered down.. it’s the closet to an R-rated X-Men film that we currently have..