Beware, everybody – this article will contain huge, huge spoilers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So huge that it’s irritating I’m reporting on it. Hey, what am I doing here?


This is the kind of movie that everybody wants in on. Even if you’re somebody who tries to steer clear of all spoilers to keep the moviegoing experience fresh, this is a film that is probably tempting you just a lil’ bit. Because of this, all of the scoopers and the trades and the like are scrabbling for even the tiniest morsel of news which could blow up and give them those much needed page hits. This also means that a lot of the rumours and spoilers which end up online are going to turn out false – it’s just the nature of the game. However, there is one particular site which has been regularly been on the money regarding this movie.

Making Star Wars has proven to be the most reliable site for Star Wars spoilers, and it’s not even a major site. They’ve published set photos, reports, character info, script leaks, basically everything to do with The Force Awakens and the vast majority have been correct – so we’re inclined to believe them. One of the biggest and most persistent leaks is sure to break the hearts of millions. Seriously, if you don’t want to be spoiled for the movie then get out. We’ll throw in another few images so you don’t accidentally spoil yourself (unless you have a huge ass monitor) – we’re so kind.




Alright, let’s go with it.

For a long time MSW have been reporting that at the end of the movie, Kylo Ren kills Han Solo in cold blood. They do have a run-down of how the ending supposedly goes down here but that’s even more spoilers so don’t click on that unless you’re really desperate. This seems likely as Harrison Ford famously wanted Han to be killed off in Return of the Jedi but he refused, and many fans speculated that a key part of signing the dotted line was the promise of ending up dead by the end of the movie. He’s a big enough character to cause monumental grief in fandoms everywhere but at the same time move the saga forward, so it’s been a rumour which I’ve believed and supported for (probably) almost a year now. However, if a new source is correct then it may not be Han Solo biting the dust at all.

chewbacca banner


He watched a scene being shot at Greenham common airbase in which Leia is sad and says ‘I don’t know how he will cope without him’, my source told me Han Solo dies, I quizzed him and he said he just presumed, I then asked who was she talking to, he said a couple of Wookiees but now Chewy, I asked him could you have meant that Chewy dies, he said that might of been the case, he didn’t know just that one of them does.

Okay, so there’s some confusion here and it’s still 50/50, meaning Han could end up dying. But it could also be our beloved Chewie that dies. He did end up dead in the expanded universe comics but they’re not canon anymore, although it’s not unlikely that J.J. and Lawrence Kasdan drew on them for inspiration. Everybody loves Chewbacca; I mean, it’s impossible not to. What’s bad at him? He’s a walking, growling carpet that’s iconic within the Star Wars lore. It wouldn’t be as big as Han dying but it would still be pretty damn big.

Regardless, we all need to take everything with a grain of salt. The movie is still five months away and until we’re sat down watching the movie (or at least until the press see it a week before), we can’t take anything as fact. A bunch of the early Batman v Superman spoilers turned out to have all come from a fan script so anything is possible. It might turn out that everything we know about the film is wrong. We just have to wait and see, but for now this is the big rumour – either Han Solo or Chewbacca will bite it in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We at UTF wait with baited breath to find out if this particular leak has any ground.