What do You Wanna See in THE WOLVERINE 3?

wolverine ninjas

In 2017, the third Wolverine solo movie hits theaters. Such a film wouldn’t normally be a massive event; who cares about seeing Wolvie one more time? Well, because this is only happening one more time. The movie also marks the conclusion of Hugh Jackman’s reign as the character, one that’s spanned almost two decades. Crazy, huh?

Back at Comic-Con Jackman basically confirmed that the movie will be adapting the famous Old Man Logan story arc which seems like a fitting end for the actor. However, evidently the creative process is far from done. Last night Hugh sent out a Twitter and Instagram message asking fans to send in their ideas for the third movie, which is actually quite a neat and awesome idea.

We’re loving that promo image.

The only other actor who could come close to Hugh Jackman in terms of dedication to a role is probably Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, but even he’s a long ways off from Jean Valjean. I guess you could say Arnie as the Terminator but even he skimped out on the crappy fourth movie.

Since 2000’s X-Men, Jackman has appeared in every movie in the franchise either in a starring role or as a cameo (I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t pop up in Apocalypse, Deadpool and Gambit). By the time the next solo movie is out he will have been playing the character for seventeen yeas, which is obviously a hell of a long time. The actor recognises that he would be nowhere without the fans – which is true – so it’s great to see this level of interaction between geeks and the studio. While they do have final say at the end of the day and this may largely be a futile effort, there’s still the chance of one or two ideas ending up in there.

I only have one request: the original black-and-yellow suit. C’mon, guys. It’s a must. We have never seen it on film before (aside from an alternate ending to The Wolverine), and how perfect would it be if it showed up in Jackson’s last movie? If he doesn’t wear it then I’m pretty certain that would be a massive blow to the movie. The suit even looked cool!


I think there’s a very good chance this will show up.