What Are The New GHOSTBUSTERS Called?

Ghostbusters Day 16

There’s been a lot of vitrol towards the Ghostbusters reboot. The majority of it is generated not because another film is happening, but because the film stars four women rather than four men, something which still seems to sit uncomfortably with many fans. In this day and age it’s ridiculous that fans aren’t more accepting of female main characters, but the important thing isn’t that they’re female – it’s that they’re well-written, interesting and funny, and given the previous movies of director Paul Feig and the cast I think they certainly will be.

We’ve seen what the cast look like, the Ecto-1 car and the proton packs – now we’ve got the names! Yes, names. Obviously the most exciting quality of the film (and any film, for that matter), we are FINALLY going to be able to truly judge whether this movie will be an excellent success or not.

I may joke, but the names are actually pretty cool.

The fan account @REALNYCGB tweeted Feig asking about the new names, with a photograph seemingly confirming that we knew a few of them already. Check it:


Surprisingly, Feig replied back and confirmed who’s who.


A lot of people don’t realise this, but it’s incredibly difficult to come up with good-sounding names – I should know, I’m a writer. Sometimes one just hits you and it sounds so real that you’ve gotta use it, and it becomes timeless. Han Solo. Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader. They’re all great names because they also represent their characters. Han is a cool-sounding name; badass, independent, the kind of guy who would shoot first. Luke Skywalker is very heroic and connotes a sense of bravery. It sounds cool as heck, but a different kind of cool to Han Solo. Darth Vader sounds mysterious, scary, dark, brooding – essentially the character rolled into two words.

Compare that with something I come up with off of the top of my head: Rebecca Parker. It’s an easy name, but it’s bland. Then again, that could just be because there’s no character associated with it.

To cut a long story short, the names aren’t bad. They’re pretty neat. It may seem insignificant to some, but these are the names which are going to be associated with this movie forever and they’re taking the place of names such as Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and the like.